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Maintaining Your Rug

The great thing about handmade rugs is that they do not really need much maintenance.  Most AREA RUGS will last several decades, and in the case of finer rugs of higher quality, a rug can last for centuries.  Walking on rugs will not hurt them, in fact, many corporations use handmade rugs in foyers or in front of elevators where traffic is highest.  Although these rugs can easily withstand such abuse, they will definitely last longer with a little intelligent TLC.   Positioning The Rug – Please be aware that your entire rug may seem many shades darker or lighter, depending on the direction of its pile to the main source of light.  This is mainly because of the high lanolin content in fine wool and also because the pile of handmade rugs lay at a 45 degree angle where you see the tip of the wool when looking from the bottom of the rug, thus making it darker. Try it in each direction to determine which suits your room better, or the particular season of the year. We recommend that you rotate your rugs once a year, allowing traffic patterns to fall on new areas, thus extending the life of your area rug.  An evenly worn antique rug is MOREvaluable than a rug that has inconsistent ware from traffic patterns. The subtle changes of color from dark to light, or vice versa, can later be a welcome design boost in any interior.

Pets – Small domestic friends that have not yet been house-broken should be kept away from your rugs.

Under-padding – Under-padding is used to provide airflow between your floor and the rug, in addition to stabilizing the rug. Airflow allows the rug to breath, which in turn will extend the life of the rug. Under-padding also prevents the crushing and wearing of the pile from heavy use, another way of greatly extending the life of your rug. We offer several different types of under-padding for any size rug at excellent prices.

Coasters – Try to use coasters under all furniture legs, to spread the weight of specially thin legs or casters over a larger area. Old glass coasters are best, still available from some fine antique dealers, or estate and rummage sales.

Cleaning – To maintain their original colors, HANDMADE AREA RUGS should be cleaned on a regular basis. Every one to three years they should be hand-washed by a professional whose references have been thoroughly checked. Never steam-clean or chemically-clean your area rugs. Do not ever put into a WASHING MACHINE or otherwise immerse in water.  At Tousi Rugs we use proven effective ancient methods of hand washing rugs at our on-site cleaning facility.  We also offer pick-up and delivery for your convenience.

A regular broom will clean your rug just fine, but if you do use a vacuum CLEANER, try not to use one with a beater brushVacuuming – A suction extension is recommended. Do not use a rotor vacuum or a beater bar. Vacuuming should be done in the direction of the pile only, as one would stroke a cat.

Beating – Handmade area rugs can be beaten on the rear, with a broomstick or similar instrument.Old North-Europeans did this on a snowbank.

Sweeping – Sweeping is the recommended method of cleaning handmade rugs and in removing dry surface spills.  It is a good idea to give your rug a good sweep every once in while.  Do not be afraid to sweep in both directions as the broom will help perk up the naps of the pile.

Wet Spills – The most important thing to do in a spill/stain situation is to act quickly. The longer liquid remains on an area rug the more likely it is to seep into the pile and cause a stain. So blot quickly with PAPER TOWELS. Dilute the remainder with cold water and blot. Repeat as required until no longer visible. If some traces do remain, use a small amount of baby shampoo, in cold water. Blot well, applying firm pressure. Do not rub. Keep in a well-vented area until dry.  We have seen many cases of people doing more damage than good in trying to do too much when cleaning a wet spill on handmade rugs.  Please contact Tousi Rugs for proffesional help in removing stains from valuable rugs.

Rug Repairs- Handmade area rugs can easily be repaired in case of tears or cuts of any size. The process consists of joining the knots together from the back of the carpet with the same material as the foundation of the carpet. Repairing a carpet with silk thread is better, as silk is finer and stronger than wool or cotton. A carpet that has been professionally repaired should look as good as new.  At Tousi Rugs we take pride in our reputation for staffing the most professional and experienced repair personel.  We import all of our materials such as wool, silk, cotton, dyes, etc. direct from Iran to give your treasured ANTIQUE RUGS the genuine care they deserve.  We are proud to announce the oppening of our new 7,000 square feet repair site in Westwood, California where you are welcome to walk-in for free consultation and advise for all your repair needs.  For larger rugs that you may have difficulty carrying in with you, please call to set up an in-HOME consultation at your place of residence.