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About Us

Welcome To Tousi Rugs Inc!

Tousi Rugs brings luxury and history with its beautiful Showroom the 11,500 square-foot showroom situated on Santa Monica Blvd in West Los Angeles, displays the companies entire collection of enduring hand-woven rugs and tapestries. With a reputation for quality and service that has been put through the test of time, Tousi Rugs brings five generations of family tradition with a massive hand-selected inventory. For more information call us at 310-441-0100 or visit our showroom 
10825 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025

The Tousi family has played a major role in the Persian rug MARKET since 1875.  From exquisite rug weaving to distributing at all scales,  Tousi Rugs has always had a remarkable reputation in the industry.  Ali Tousi the Third generation in the family BUSINESS, founder of Tousi Rugs-Jeddah, introduced some of the largest fine rugs ever produced by Iran.  He supplied overwhelming size rugs to the Saudi Royal family for castles in Jeddah, Mecca,   Riyadh , and Medina.

Abbass Tousi the FOURTH GENERATION, is amongst the pioneers in introducing PERSIAN RUGS to the United States.  He has made key contributions in exporting Persian rugs to Europe and the United States and has been convincingly involved in the making of Persian rugs to suite the American decor.  His portfolio of clients includes Saudi Royalty, European collectors, American rug enthusiast and celebrities, and merchant’s worldwide.  In 1983 he established Tousi Rugs in Los Angeles and has recently completed a new showroom that many say is the most SUPERB in  Southern California .

The tradition continues as the Fifth generation of rug enthusiast lead by Emad Tousi and brother Adel Tousi, are now emphasizing the supply of fine rugs to designers and consumers.  While maintaining the elegant history and reputation of fine Persian rugs produced and sold by Tousi, the younger generation incorporates colors and designs to encourage the most modern fashion trends.